Car Show

Saturday, August 7, 2021

~1:00 PM (After Parade)

Like everything it seems, is changing every week, so is our annual car show. This year we are having an "Invitation only" Best of the Best, (BOTB) car show.

We are sending 30 invitations to car owners selected by a few folks long involved in the automotive world. The collaboration will consist of different makes models and years. All will be prior show winners and hopefully a few surprises. No trophies, no judging. These vehicles will have been judged many times and have many trophies.

The group will assemble at 11AM on Park St. in the field across from 44 Park St. Then as a group enter the noon parade and return to the same after for viewing by the public for the afternoon. Just to be clear, these 30 cars will be the ONLY ones in the "Show" this year. If it continues this way we will look for different beauties for next year.

Be sure and stop by Saturday afternoon to see what we have collected. I think you will be impressed. See you there!

Questions? Call Doug at 607-592-2100 or